Since the announcement that development on Terraria had stopped last year, developer Re-Logic has announced some big news for the game. With the recent mobile version, another announcement came in the form of the 1.2 update. Set to be released on October 1st, the new update will have a large number of additions to the popular sandbox game. I decided to compile some of the more important confirmed updates, while highlighting possible things we could see in the future.

New Items and Enemies

  • Paint Brush/Roller and paint to change block colors
  • New guns including Uzi, Sniper Rifle, Rainbow Gun, Tactical Shotgun and Confetti Gun
  • Ice Weapons: bow, boomerang and blade
  • Rainbow Dye and Rainbow Bricks that cycle color
  • The Terra Blade
  • More Armor and Vanity sets
  • Mushroom based items
  • PVP Weapons
  • Cooking Stove and Campfire
  • New ores
  • New building materials including Ice, Sandstone and Cactus.
  • New fruniture items including tables, doors, chairs and statues
  • Rope blocks and rope ladders
  • New bosses: Brain of Cthullu, Plantera, Queen Bee, plus one more
  • Penguin and Ice slimes
  • Eskimo Zombies and Viking Skeletons
  • Turtle that drops a “scale”

New Features

  • Hammers can now turn foreground blocks into half block, including sloped
  • More uses for gems and another use for the Heart Crystal
  • New pets and NPC Vendors: Penguin, Turtle, Snow Flinx NPC
  • New Extra Large world size
  • Different water colors for different biomes
  • Water and Lavafall decorations
  • Weather effects and new Ice and Mushroom Biomes
  • Pyramids and sloped surfaces
  • Minimap
  • Character/World quanity limit bumped up with new character interface
  • Improved team gaming and PVP improvements
  • New day-time Blood Moon event
  • A revamped Hardmode

As more details are announce closer to the release date, keep your eye here for more details.