portal movieThe makers of the Portal fan film Portal: Survival! want their audience to help them teleport back into Aperture Science.

Brothers and filmmakers, Colin and Connor McGuire have started a Kickstarter campaign asking for $15,000 to finance an upcoming Portal web series, they’ve titled Secrets of Aperture.

Filming their pitch video from the YouTube Space building Los Angeles, they make lay out their ambitious plans for their project. The initial plan is for five episodes, though for every $5,000 extra they raise over the initial goal the brothers promise to add another.

Additional money raised will also go into funding potential tie-in comics, short character vlogs and donors of over $3,000 will receive their choice of a companion cube or handheld portal-gun.

Their original short, Portal Survive!, was shot on a budget of only $500 and is well worth a watch if you’re a fan of the game.

Monique Blachard will reprise her role of Chell, the embattled but silent heroine of the first Portal short. How the larger series will tie in to the short or the Portal games is unknown, but the filmmakers aren’t taking the project lightly.

“It’s one of those games everyone remembers playing,” says Colin McGuire. “It has that sort of impact.”

The Kickstarter is currently sitting just over $5,000 but has more than three weeks to go before the funding deadline.