The Last Stand – Union City is the latest title in the Last Stand series of zombie survival games and I must admit that it’s my favorite one so far, even though it’s pretty different from the others (or maybe that’s the exact reason why!).

This time round, when you start The Last Stand – Union City, you will create your own character and choose its stats, then fight against hordes of zombies who want your braaaains, get extra XP points and improve your stats even better! You can also save the game as often as you feel like (and it wouldn’t hurt to do it pretty often) and if you die you can reload the game or respawn with an experience penalty.

The Last Stand – Union City itself is extremely well done: you get to explore the city freely and there are a ton of locations to explore, all of them filled with loot and living dead waiting for your axe to hit their head. Add to that the fact that it could take you a solid few hours to complete the game and you’ll have some truly premium quality coming completely free of charge. Therefore, The Last Stand – Union City is a must play!

Click here to play The Last Stand – Union City