Today’s top flash game was The Last Stand Union City and I kept on playing it all the way to the end without even stopping to take a sip of water (it’s that addictive, yes!). After my complete playthrough experience with The Last Stand Union City, I have decided to share with you a bunch of tips and tricks that you will hopefully find helpful enough and will drive your game forward. So read on for my own list of The Last Stand Union City tips and tricks!

1. Save often – that’s the first thing you should have in mind. If you save often, in case that your character dies, you will be able to reload without the XP penalty that you’d get otherwise!

2. Explore everything – it is vital to keep exploring all the areas in the game, it’s the only way you’ll get enough supplies for your to make it to the end!

3. Fight hordes of zombies in the streets – probably the most annoying part of The Last Stand Union City (or better said, the most difficult), is fighting against the zombie hordes. This should be done preferably in the streets to have enough space for running or at least in houses with long corridors. In tight spaces, you’re done. But if you have more “screens” to go through, you will be able to divide the hordes in more pieces as the zombies dropped in one location won’t follow you to the next one!

4. Focus on the melee weapons – ammunition is low for the guns and reload times are long, making them usable only early in the game or in specific situations. Just focus on the melee weapons instead who are faster and do a lot of damage.

5. Battle axe – best melee weapon out there – it’s long and relatively easy to get if you turn yourself into a little achievement hunter (you need to complete 50% of the achievements to get the weapon). But once you have it, since it’s long, you can work magic with it!

6. How to kill zombies with armor – simply aim to their legs! You will see that it’s better than trying to destroy their helmets!

Do you have any other useful The Last Stand Union City tips and tricks? Please share them in the comment section below.