I was never a huge fan of rhythm games, but every now and then a developer decides to create a title that will keep me glued to the chair, trying to correctly hit all the keys (which is almost impossible without practice and practice takes time). Sound Walk from CCCP is such a game and because of that it wins today’s free flash game of the day award. If you want to see why, read on!

The developers only tell you a vague story about the game: You need to step in time to the music to beat this game. But be prepared: the easy setting is for experts, serious! Bring your finest sense of rhythm to survive the Sound Walk.

Actually, you are put in the shoes of a famous music composer that sold his soul in order to create the best music ever. However, somehow he embarked on a last trip to collect the lost pieces of his lost soul – a dangerous trip where music and rhythm are his only allies.

Basically, in Sound Walk you will have to hit the correct sequence of keys at the right time and avoid all the emerging obstacles. You also have a little helping wing from a black bird you control at key points in the game and which can make you invincible for a short while…

The music that accompanies your journey is quite great and the visuals are awesome, especially if you liked animation movies such as The Night Before Christmas (yes, there’s a visual resemblance!). And even if you didn’t, you might as well enjoy the game which gets quite difficult in the later stages, therefore becoming a bigger challenge for hardcore rhythm players.

So prepare to lose at least one day with Sound Walk. Have fun!