People used to think that good things in life are not free. Well, a French team called COLYBY, decided to prove us wrong by releasing a free to play, free to download adventure game, Amertis. With nice visuals and some really smart puzzles, the game is a must-play for all the fans of the (considered dead) adventure genre.

Here’s how the creators of Amertis present their game:

Amertis is a free adventure game, with no shooting or violence. It just calls for your skills in logic and observation. Become the hero, Rodrigue Grandcœur, and get ready for a trip to dreamworlds in which you will meet a number of remarkable characters.

Amertis has been entirely created by a team of enthusiastic amateurs, so don’t expect a professionally made game with stunning videos or Spielberglike special effects.

Nevertheless, Amertis holds many secrets and surprises… Will you manage to discover them all?

If you are willing to give it a try and test a free adventure game with multiple endings, click here to visit the download page and… have fun!