Being a star fleet commander seems to be quite an enjoyable task, but Omega Crisis wants to prove you wrong. That, of course, unless you love the challenge of destroying a complete set of alien invaders, in which case you’ll find today’s free flash game of the day quite a joy to play. Have fun!

Omega Crisis tells the story of the The human civilization which is under a threat of attack from alien beings. You will enter the crisis of Omega Sector and armed with the Experimental Omega Cannon and the most advanced galactic defense technology and resources, your duty as Commander will be to protect the starbase in the farthest frontier of galaxy!

Except for the powerful cannon you’ll directly control and shoot, you’ll have access to building defensive towers to help you take out the invaders, you’ll also control different types of heavy fight ships and invest the limited upgrade points in creating better weapons, armor or faster fire rate – the choice is yours, but believe me when I say that you really need a strategy if you are to win this game!

The enemy ships are, unfortunately, not very varied, but since they come in vast numbers, you’ll easily get past this little problem. Except for that, Omega Crisis is fun and intense and I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing it. So head over to Kongregte and give the game a try by clicking this link. Have fun!


  1. I spend whole 5 hours playing this game and I must say I love it. Armorgames produce the best games these days. I’m glad they post them on the net.


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