If you want to feel like a modern Indiana Jones (without having Harrison Ford’s age), you can try out Tombscape 2, today’s free flash game of the day and try to solve its mysteries. It’s a first person adventure game with escape the room elements, so it’s even better if you prefer this type of games anyways.

In Tombscape 2 you must figure out puzzles and take photographs of weird un-discovered creatures, find diary pages and rare items to discover what went on down in the ancient tomb you’re exploring and why there are things like “Save us” or “Help us” scribbled on the walls. Point & Click escape adventure with puzzle elements, view items in your inventory and use your camera to take pictures of interesting items.

Although I must admit that I haven’t played the original Tombscape, Tombscape 2 is certainly a really great looking game with an amazing artwork and some cool animations, with an overall great story and puzzles that won’t really make your brain explode. So it’s perfect to start the week with!

If you’re curious to check out today’s free flash game of the day, click the link and play Tombscape 2. And if you somehow manage to get stuck while playing, here’s a video walkthrough to help you get going: