Today’s free flash game of the day award went to Cursed Treasure: Don’t Touch My Gems!, an amazing tower defense game, but one that also can get a bit confusing and difficult. Fortunately, I have some tips and tricks to share with you to help you win this game – a strategy guide for Cursed Treasure: Don’t Touch My Gems, if you wish. So read on and learn how to better play this title!

Generic Cursed Treasure: Don’t Touch My Gems! tips & tricks:

1. Play out the tutorial to learn about the different types of towers and on which terrain they can be placed, and also learn about magic!
2. Make sure you post Crypts on high grounds – they have the biggest range and are, in my opinion, the best upgraded with the Chilling upgrade.
3. Don’t spend all your money on placing many towers, you will need lots of coins to upgrade them. Fewer upgraded towers are better than more basic ones.
4. Create such a strategy that you place towers on mana spots as soon as possible.
5. Create such a strategy that you use the mana boosts (meteor shower) on faster enemies, bosses or invisible ones.
6. Upgrade the towers as soon as you have that option.
7. Do not place all of your towers in the same area – faster enemies can escape more easily this way.
8. Even though sometimes you will wish to, do not click the “Attack” button too often – you need the mana!

How to upgrade your skills:

1. At first, you will need to invest a couple of points in Gold Vault and one in Basic Training.
2. Focus on the Orcs skill, since that gives you better upgrades for the Crypts, an extra gem and eventually even more damage.
3. Also invest points in the Undead skill, since it’s great for mana at first levels.

Do you have other Cursed Treasure: Don’t Touch My Gems! tips and tricks?


  1. Just one thing, when you click attack, the time just passes quicker but you still get the mana equal to the time.

  2. This is pathetic. Temples ftw!
    I beat the game and invested almost all in temples…
    they have best fire ratio and damage ratio, put them on a high ground and they also get the range. A mix of Evil eye and Burners are deadly then. Hellfire on a high ground is absolute killer. With skill points in the demon section etc. you can get temples to get exp 75% faster overall. 5000 becomes quite easy then…
    They are also the best at making ninjas use smoke bombs right away so the effect goes way sooner.
    Crypts are fun, but too slow at reloading to really do heavy damage, same for dens…
    So go Temples!

  3. Yes you do get the same amount of mana if you click the attack button as if you wait.
    i prefer orcish dens or chilling crypts at the entrances than temples, they do so much damage that by the time the ninjas are visible again it only takes one shot to kill them. temples blast them for too short a time to do much damage before they go invisible. burning temples are good but fire rate is way too slow.

  4. I got one: Try to have at least 2 chilling crypts next to or near the range of Temples. It up the chances of enemies getting scared with out the next star upgrade and when they run back, they go to the laser attack.

  5. Sorry to say but these tips are or 1. Obvious, or 2. wrong.

    Ofcourse invest in xp up and gold up, then down your mana need for the spells. Like said, the hellfire temple is a real killer. The only problem is you need to get it upgraded to that as fast as possible. And all in all whatever strategy you take the game isn’t really hard, the only annoying parts are the big ninja mobs and the ninja bosses.


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