It might seem hard to believe, but today’s flash game of the day is indeed a completely FREE title – Cursed Treasure: Don’t Touch My Gems! is such a well done game that it could’ve easily been sold for around 10 bucks, just like any of your regular casual game would. Not that Cursed Treasure is by any means “regular”…

A tower defense game, Cursed Treasure: Don’t Touch My Gems first catches your eye with some shiny and really well done graphics: vivid and colorful, the visuals seem to come from a big budget title. Fortunately, that (and a decent score) is not all that makes Cursed Treasure such a great game: the gameplay and mechanics are also flawless.

Each map or level makes you the “defender of the gems” – five of them to be precise and if you fail to save at least one, the level is lost. Baddies enter the map from one point, go to the gem mine and start stealing one gem per baddie. If they manage to go all the way back to where they entered, the gem is lost. If all gems are lost, as I said, the level is lost as well.

However, you obviously have a bunch of measures to take in order to stop that from happening: the towers. Cursed Treasure: Don’t Touch My Gems! only comes with three different tower types, but with a twist that makes everything even more strategic and challenging. You can only place a specific type of tower on a specific type of terrain – arrow towers only work on plains, fire towers on rocks and so on. But that’s not all!

Especially during the latter levels, the best areas for placing the towers are occupied by forests and you can’t place any type of tower on a forest. However, using mana and a spell, you can remove the forest and place your tower. But, as you’ve probably guessed it, mana is scarce and it takes time for it to build up, so even more and more strategies come into play, including long planning.

Add to all these a great balance with monsters are just as strong as they should be for a good player, special areas on each map that either offer an increased fire range for your towers or extra mana, plus skills you can upgrade to get more money, experience for your towers or mana, and you’ll indeed have a complete and complex experience with this amazing free tower defense game.

So head over to Kongregate and give Cursed Treasure: Don’t Touch My Gems! a try. Have fun!