I felt the need for some fun racing computer games nowadays to lighten up a bit and enjoy classic arcade racing, like back in the old days with dumb opponents, power-ups and quick tracks. And that’s exactly what Skid MK, today’s free flash game of the day, offered.

First of all, before even thinking about giving this game a try, you should be warned that it might not be suitable for everybody, especially not for those who would consider a poo power-up or a farting one uncool. Because, yes, the game is loaded with poop jokes.

But this little problem aside, Skid MK is quite fun to play: the tracks are intense and varied enough to keep you playing and playing, the opponents can be easily targeted and attacked and the overall fun value will be high since nothing compares to driving at huge speeds, trying to send an explosive-loaded pigeon towards the driver ahead of you!

Just believe me and give Skid-MK a try. You won’t regret it!