peggleXbox 360 owners, prepare to become addicted! The Peggle wonder is now available for purchase from the Xbox Live Marketplace and it will probably have the same immense success it had on the PCs worldwide. So make no plans for the rest of the week because you’ll be busy playing this little gem of a game!

Without being a big surprise, PopCap’s Peggle is XBLA’s Game of the Week and will be available for download starting Wednesday, March 11 for 800 MS Points. This Xbox 360 version elivers a number of new and exclusive features to the Xbox 360 gamer, including the first-ever online multiplayer Peggle experience with Peg Party mode, where up to four players can compete simultaneously! The game also features local and Xbox LIVE 2-player Duel mode, downloadable content support, achievements, rich online leaderboards, HD graphics, and more.

Peggle has been optimized for the XBLA platform, works flawlessly with the Xbox controllers, and looks dazzling in high definition – at least that’s what the developers say and we have no other choice than believe them!