Put Your Hands Up and Party Down

Put Your Hands Up and Party Down

party-downMerscom are on a “game releasing” spree, or so it appears, since the company has just announced a new project, after announcing Righteous Kill II: Everyone Respects the Gun. The new casual title we should be expecting from the developers comes after a collaboration with Starz Media and is based on the upcoming comedy series. Titled Party Down, it has the potential to be a real entertaining title for the entire family.

Party down will make its debut on March 20, at the same time with the release of the comedy series, so you will probably have some tough time deciding what do to first: watch it or play it.

“Casual gaming is an effective way at both finding new and appealing revenue opportunities across the larger Starz family of media concerns, as well as building name recognition and awareness for the properties themselves,” said Marc DeBevoise, senior vice president digital media, business development & strategy for Starz. “Merscom has proven to be an effective reliable gaming partner for us and we are delighted to extend the relationship for the future enjoyment of gaming fans.

In the “Party Down” game, the player takes over a team at the famous Party Down catering company as you serve the elite of Hollywood. Serve food, DJ the dance floor and keep conversations going as you schmooze with the stars and try and build up your reputation while waiting for your big break.

Work your way through 8 unique parties at huge yachts, extravagant balls, and exclusive night clubs. Appease the masses by dealing with all the issues that come along with high maintenance Hollywood stars such as rampaging dogs, angry boyfriends, and the paparazzi. Keep your cool, and show them what you got and maybe you can become the next big thing.