righteous-killMerscom have decided that now it’s the right time to let us know that Righteous Kill II: Everyone Respects the Gun, the sequel to the hit hidden object game “Righteous Kill: The Game,” based on the September 2008 movie from Overture Films starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, is under development and will be available for purchase this June.

In Righteous Kill II: Everyone Respects the Gun, the player once again takes on the role of Erica Dean as she looks into a new rash of murders. The game is set about a year after the events of the first Poet Killer. A mob hitman is found dead, with a poem lying on his body. Erica Dean is called in to find the killer before things get out of hand.

Work through multiple versions of varied locations looking for clues to the identity of the Poet Killer. Enlist the help of Mary Jacobs, a new forensic officer, to assist Erica in analyzing the items from the crime scenes. Hunt down the killer and put an end to his vigilante killings before it’s too late, in some pure casual hidden object fun. It should be fun, so keep your ears ready for some noise this June.