goplaycitysportsNo, it’s not really an invitation, especially since I don’t really know what City Sports means, but it certainly can be fun thanks to Majesco who is working on a game with such a name: Go Play City Sports. And it will only be available for Nintendo Wii owners, featuring motion-based gameplay, just like the rest of the games in the Go Play series.

This all-new sports compilation allows players to compete against the best neighborhood athletes in six classic games, including stickball, kickball, handball, rooftop hockey, shootout soccer and jump rope.

Go Play City Sports takes full advantage of the Wii’s capabilities in order to bring these timeless games from the streets to the living room. Players use the intuitive movements of the Wii Remote to rule the courts and stake their claim as king of the block. However, just like on the real street, they must dodge obstacles like manhole covers, fire hydrants and parked cars as they try to earn trophies and unlock items such as new courts and equipment.

The game supports up to four players in both head-to-head or team-based games, while single player mode allows gamers to fully explore the expansive urban environment. With fully customizable characters and Wii Balance Board support, Go Play City Sports promises to be a fun, competitive game for players both young and old!