invaders-from-spaceFans of the Space Invaders type of games should be pleased to find out that the game they love is not at all dead yet: on the contrary! Oh No! More Invaders From Space comes to prove that with a remake which will also bring bits of new technology, as well as new twists to the gameplay, so everybody will have a pleasant experience replaying this remade classic.

In other words, Oh No! More Invaders From Space was released today on the Archive Games online distribution platform. The game, created by indie team developer Lodgia, is a retro remake of the classic arcade hit enhanced with many new features. Graphically, Lodgia added many effects within the confines of the low resolution available.

The gameplay follows the basics of the original, but adds many twists. The game introduces power ups, extra weapons, online highscores, new music, and even… cattle? For enthusiasts, the game is arcade cabinet friendly, so you can keep it old school if you really want to!