project-realityIf you followed our suggestion and went to the Mod DB to vote for the Mod of the Year, you already know the finalists (if you didn’t, then click on the blue text to check out the story). Today we have word that the competition is finally over and the 7th edition of the Mod of the Year Awards now has a bunch of winners, with the top award going to Project Reality, a Battlefield 2 Mod. Check out the full lists below:

Editors Choice
• Most Innovative Multiplayer (Celestial Impact)
• Best Original Art Direction (Delta Sector)
• Best Upcoming Mod (Curse)
• Best Upcoming Indie Game (Zeno Clash)
• Best Indie Game (Mount & Blade)
• Best Singleplayer Mod (The Ball)
• Best Multiplayer Mod (Project Reality)

Players Choice
• Best Upcoming Mod (Dead before Dawn)
• Indie Game of the Year (Mount & Blade)
• Mod of the Year (Project Reality)

So go on and give these Mods a try – they are certainly the cream of the crop and you won’t feel disappointed!