and Dragonsmeet Inc. announced today that Odin Quest is celebrating its first anniversary and to celebrate this remarkable event, the companies are hosting a new server and a list of exciting events. The new Odin Quest server will launch on August 8th at 8:00 am server time. In the meanwhile, players can enjoy several events with distinctive rewards. has created a page dedicated this this event, which contains all the hosted events for its first birthday. Everyone can earn something; just by logging in, players can earn small prizes, however for the stronger ones, running instances will give them a slight chance to loot rare items, like Pristine Wings Jigsaw. The experience gain will double in the Red Dragon’s Lair and the VIP purchase will have a 50% discount for a few days. Additionally, the company ensured that a better support is one of their current main concerns: will work its utmost to bring for players more interesting functions and better customer service for players. And believes the game will give more fun to players with players’ help and support. From series of anniversary events, players will obtain awesome rewards, advanced items and comfortable experiences.