Ngames announced today the launching of an interactive summer event in Tales of Solaris. This entertaining event challenges players to build summer snowmen and earn unique prizes but players must hurry since this event will only last a few days, ending on July 29th. The whole challenge involves questing and accomplishing special tasks but building the summer snowman is the main objective, as Ngames stated:

Picture the scene; it’s a warm summer’s day. You’re relaxing with your friends, and then it’s time to start building snowmen! This cool dream is a reality right now in Tales of Solaris, thanks to a new summer event running until July 29th. Between midnight and midday every day during the event, players have the opportunity to build summer snowmen and earn prizes while they escape the heat.

In order to build a snowman, players must defeat the Tiny Naughty Snowmen appearing around Golden Beach and Sunglow Plain. Once defeated, players can collect their hearts and start building the biggest snowman at Solaris, the bigger the better, as it means greater rewards.Each snowmen’s heart will increase the sculpture’s growth by one point, nevertheless the construction has three levels of growth, small, medium and giant. This is a collective event and as so players must all team up to achieve the giant state as soon as possible, when this is achieved, a “limited-edition snowman gifts will be sent to all players on the server within 2 hours of completion.”