The Cyber Monster series are coming back with a second game and the upcoming classes were revealed today by NGames. The agonizing dragons have returned to disrupt peace and the island of Nezor is once again at war. Cyber Monster II will be set hundreds of years after the events of the original game and it will have three main classes, each one with its own utilities and skills: Mage, Ranger and Warrior. The company explained some of the classes’ purposes:

Mages seek the pursuit of ultimate destructive power; their main goal to defeat the giant dragon. (…) Rangers are as swift and nimble as the wind. Their accuracy combined and power allows them to deal fatal damage to their enemies. (…) Destined to be the main fighting force against the fearsome dragons, Warriors are blessed by god, inheriting the power of Earth to inflict immense damage on their enemies.

This fantasy browser-baser MMORPG is still in development and the official release date is still unknown. Nevertheless, the company ensured that this sequel will introduce new game mechanics based on the most recent browser-based technologies, creating a richer and deeper experience for Cyber Monster’s players.