Chilltime has launched World War Online’s 2014 Championship and Season One is now live and running. All bases have been reset and players can enjoy a fresh start and build their empires, as Chilltime’s Yokai sated:

We are ready to announce that the new season has OFFICIALLY BEGUN. So rally your forces, train your men and prepare for a war like no other! It’s time to play World War Online. Who will emerge as the Winner of Championship 2014, Season 1?

This browser-based game introduces a global war, where each real country is a faction fighting for supremacy and glory. Only the strongest and most united country will prevail in this merciless conflict.


  1. Don’t join this game

    Admins are completely paranoid. After two days of playing, my account was suspended due to suspicion of multiaccounting. After filling out the feedback form, it said reviewing it might take up to 48 hours. 5 days after still no response, so wrote to support. They finally replied, telling me they suspected my account was being used solely to steal resources from other players. Ah yeah – so because I raided too many bases, this gotta be multiaccounting, and thusly got banned. I replied, telling them to check my other activity ingame, the chat logs with noob questions, even one ticket to support that I wrote about something that did not work – things that show this was an account from a guy new to the game – to no avail, they did not reply.
    Maybe I faced a “Badmin” – an admin playing the game himself and banning me for attacking bases that he/his team needed. But if not – they don’t give a sh!t about their players. Just banning a guy, then not bothering replying (not sure if they even read it) – and support completely dumping the case, although it was clear that they were wrong.
    While it’s good that they do sthg against multiaccounting, it seems like you’re facing rule-maniacs here that don’t give a damn about their customers. Almost like in some government office like the DMV or sthg.
    Another thing is that it’s almost impossible to defend all your bases since attacks have basically 2-3 mins announcement time. You can’t move your troops fast enough from one base to another in that time.
    So, don’t join this game, since they are banning ppl for nothing and bullying them out of the game.


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