Naruto Saga, a browser-based fantasy MMORPG, received a new expansion today. IceGames released the new content which includes complex faction battles, new companions, new transformation skills, additional methods to make money and much more. The company announced the release and introduced the new chapter:

IceGames Co. Ltd, a leading publisher of quality online games, is today delighted to reveal details of the Chapter III expansion to popular Naruto team combat MMO, Naruto Saga. A new age of faction fights is dawning for Naurto Saga, offering players even more dynamic and thrilling battle options when fighting alongside their friends.

All factions will have access to every event map and enjoy the all the possibilities to explore, conquer and challenge new enemies. The Faction Zone has opened its doors to everyone as well and it has a fixed access scheduled time. A new gold method has been added to Naruto Saga, now players can invest capital every day with the Festival Funds and earn back up to 250%. Furthermore, new skills, companions and events have been introduced with Chapter III: “IceGames is seeing in the new year with a massive Top-up Pack giveaway until February 13th.”