On Tuesday, Nintendo announced the 2DS, the latest in their handheld systems. While some fan’s remained optimistic, other fans have taken up revolting against the new console and Nintendo. People on social media sites such as Twitter (Nintendo 2DS was a trending topic on the announcement day) and Tumblr voiced their disappointment with the new 2DS. People have given different arguments against it, some poorly worded while others where thought out. They ranged from “it looks stupid; Nintendo fails again” to “I like the idea, but it looks awkward to hold.” People who have no issue with the device have come up with a list of reasons why the 2DS doesn’t deserve all the hate:

  • Much more affordable than the 3DS.
  • Allows backward compatibility.
  • Gives parents an option for a friendly “tablet” for kids.
  • Released the same date as the Pokemon X & Y, providing an affordable gaming option for those who want both.

Both sides make excellent points. But I think the real issue here is the shape Nintendo decided to give the handheld device. Instead of the normal folding shape, the 2DS has a shape similar to the original Game Boy Advance combined with the WiiU’s controller. This is what I believe angered players the most. What I would like to point out is people have been going after Nintendo for years about controller shapes. People complained about the N64, the Wii and the WiiU when they were announced and/or came out. All three of those system turned out to be great.

The Nintendo 2DS doesn’t come out until October, so there is plenty of time for Nintendo to release more about the handheld console. Until then, keep your eye here as more news will surely be announced soon.