natural-selection-2-teaserNatural Selection, the original, is one of the best Half Life mods ever – and it turned modders from Unknown Worlds into indie developers. Developers that worked on an even better sequel, Natural Selection 2 which went through some troublesome times and was sometimes considered kaput. But it was not and Kotaku has word that it’s alive and kicking.

According to their reports, Natural Selection 2, the great FPS/RTS blend, will be released as a standalone game this Fall via Steam. A new teaser trailer follows this announcement, and you can watch it below: even though it doesn’t show any real gameplay, it’s still a great watch, especially it reportedly is entirely generated by the game’s graphic engine.

So, although Natural Selection 2 had its fare of development problems, it now reportedly received some funding and Unknown Worlds are confident they will release the title on schedule. If you believe them, you can even pre-order the title via the game’s official site and get access to the open beta that should kick off pretty soon. Let’s just hope that the game will manage to rise to the expectations.

Now check out the promised Natural Selection 2 teaser trailer: