The New Xbox Experience is the word glued to everybody’s lips and we certainly have reasons to believe it will be awesome. There are tons of exciting new features announced, including photo and movie sharing. Uhm… well… you can now cut movie sharing off the list since unfortunately, Microsoft has decided to delay that implementation.

Although initially it was announced that users will have the option to stream their personal Netflix movies to up to eight friends, the option will not hit the November 19 release. It was confirmed in a brief press statement sent to ShackNews:

“With regards to movies, the New Xbox Experience is a long term initiative, what we are rolling out in November is only the beginning! With the New Xbox Experience we will have the flexibility to roll out features and updates dynamically, unlike in the past where we were on a more biannual schedule. So, there are a lot more exciting features, including Movie Sharing that will be coming soon.”

So the new experience is exactly what gamers know about… experience: it comes slowly but once you get enough to level up, you’ll see its power. In this case, personal movies, live steaming and maximum voyeurism. Game on!