Have you ever heard of Tak and the Power of Juju? I have never heard about it in my life, but it apparently is both a Nickelodeon television series and a PS2 game released in 2003. And this game I’ve never heard about just got a sequel, Tak and the Guardians of Gross, released today by THQ for PS2 and Wii. And I must admit that the only reason I am writing about this game is its title. I find it absolutely brilliant for a kids game (I hope I’m not wrong here…)

So… according to THQ, the game follows the core elements of the television show: you will be placed in the shoes of Tak who travels to a Spoiled Shrine just to accidentally release the noxious Stink Giant, the molten Cheese Giant, the drippy Slime Giant and the lumpy Landfill Giant. All these in the Pupununu Village, where Jeera awaits as a playable character. Everything in Tak and the Guardians of Gross, got it? Because I definitely don’t: my childhood was filled with Mickey Mouse characters, Tom & Jerry and other cheesy stuff like The Little Mermaid. And now… Stink and Slime Giants. God!

So, although I do miss my childhood and consider some things enjoyed by our youth as total crap, stupid and boring, I must let you know that Tak and the Guardians of Gross incorporates a “truly original” parkour-style movement system. It also has a retail price of $19.99 for PS2 and $39.99 for Wii. But it still sounds like crap to me.