Atari, creators and publishers of the beloved Alone in The Dark franchise, with the latest iteration successfully released this June, have been purchased by French publisher Infogrames for $11 million. The purchase is not a huge surprise, as it was first announced in May as the publisher’s biggest step towards full recovery.

Atari’s management will stay on board, which means that basically, from a gamer’s point of view, things should not change too much, even though Infogrames plans to focus more on online gaming and US distribution.

“The completion of this merger is an important step in the implementation of our strategy,” said Infogrames CEO David Gardner. “Reshaping US operations was a key element of our ‘Atari transformation’ plan. Profitable first quarter results were reached thanks to the tremendous work accomplished by Jim and his team.”

Alone in the Dark is coming to the PlayStation 3 with a host of enhancements and we truly hope that the company will get all the money it needs to get back on track and deliver big quality gaming, as they always did.