We’ve finally reached that point where even the most important and powerful people in the world understand the impact video games have on the society. And we’ve got a “thumbs up” for the first guy who’s not afraid of admitting that: (drum rolls, girls fainting) Barack Obama!

If you don’t know the story, early last week, Burnout Paradise player JeffSon saw a big in-game advertising sign of Obama saying “early voting has begun” and inviting people to visit a specific website. We do know what Photoshop can do nowadays, so we took the whole thing with a pinch of salt.

But today things have changed since Electronic Arts has confirmed everything to website Gigaom:

“I can confirm that the Obama campaign has paid for in-game advertising in Burnout,” said Holly Rockwood, director of corporate communications at Electronic Arts, the game’s publisher. “Like most television, radio and print outlets, we accept advertising from credible political candidates. Like political spots on the television networks, these ads do not reflect the political policies of EA or the opinions of its development teams.”

So Obama knows a thing or two about video games – and not only that they must be put away, as he stated a while ago in a conference. Just wondering – is he an Xbox 360 fanboy, too?