There is no doubt that we, gamers, loved everything that was related with Ubisoft’s bestseller Assassin’s Creed – from haystacks to leaps of faith to Jade Raymond. Also, I doubt there were many people doubting the release of a sequel (or prequel or something), the only question left to ask was: how soon will Ubisoft go for it? Pretty soon, it appears!

While talking about Prince of Persia during the Tokyo Game Show, Animation Director David Wilkinson let it slip that Assassin’s Creed animator Alex Drouin was “busy making Altair even more beautiful” and he is “getting Altair to swim”. Pretty interesting…

This obviously means that Assassin’s Creed 2 is quietly in the works at Ubisoft; it also means that Altair will still be somehow involved in the storyline; and, most important, he will have a hell of a time throughout the game: just imagine how tough it is to swim with all that cloth on! And now, since this was settled, I just wonder: will we get to see Jade once more, too? Please, Ubisoft!


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