Netflix Tricks You Just Can’t Live Without

Netflix Tricks You Just Can’t Live Without

Be honest: is there anything better than an all-day Saturday Netflix binge-a-thon?

Provided you have plenty of food and nobody to distract you, Netflix makes it possible to rifle through hours and hours of entertainment, much of which you may have not even known existed prior to that point.

And if you’re a hardcore Netflix fan, the only thing that could possibly make that better is knowing some insider tips and tricks that will make that experience even better.

Like what, you say? Read on to find out.

Offline Viewing

There’s nothing worse than trying to watch your favorite show on a spotty wi-fi connection, and 3G streaming is hardly a quality substitute. But did you know Netflix allows you to download certain titles through an app on your smartphone or tablet? It’s not available for every show, but if you’re lucky enough to be watching a show that allows it, you can download as much as you want and watch it on the go.

Turn Off the Judgment

Anyone that has watched three seasons straight of “The Office” knows the all-too-familiar question of “Are You Still Watching?” Aside from feeling judgmental, it also kills your vibe if you’re up and moving around and have to return regularly to click “yes.” Luckily, there’s now a chrome extension you can put on your computer called Flix Assist that removes that feature. Additionally, it also will kill the 15-second countdown between episodes that feels like an eternity.

Delete Your History

Have a romantic comedy obsession but don’t want your friends to find out about it? Now you have the option to delete your viewing history by going to this link and removing anything and everything you’re embarrassed of. It also removes that history from your algorithm, so you don’t have to worry about “P.S. I Love You” showing up as a “recommended title” either.

Dig Deep Into a Genre

Netflix has sub-genres that are not always accessible to casual browsing, but if you’re struggling to find something to watch, diving down into the entertainment catacombs may just be the answer to your prayer. Check out the list of sub-genres here or add ID codes to the end of your URL using the Netflix Bible to find these hidden gems.

Let Netflix Decide What to Watch

If you’re really struggling to find something to watch, you can always let Netflix do it for you by playing a little Netflix roulette. You can narrow your selections down by genre, director, etc, or just spin the wheel without any restrictions and let Netflix make the choice for you.

Stop the Technical Problems

Not too long ago, many people experienced an error message that kept telling them there was a problem with their Netflix proxy. While there are guides online that tell you how to fix this, a more simple problem now plagues viewers: buffering. A quick solution is by lowering the bitrate; it’ll impact your video quality, but it will also keep the stream alive better. You can access the bitrate options by going to Netflix’s secret menu and clicking “override.” If you’re on a computer, you can access this menu by selecting CTRL + SHIFT + OPTION; if you’re on a PS4, Xbox One, or Wii, press up twice, down twice, left, right, left, right, and up four times.