netflix-logoFollowing the immense success Netflix has recorded after hitting Xbox 360 consoles, Nintendo’s Wii might be the next one to receive the Netflix treatment, according to a survey from the company asking about stuff related to the use of Netflix on Wiis. Pretty strange, after all, having in mind that the small console is not the “most next-gen” console out there.

However, the service says it would “offer its members the ability to watch movies & TV episodes instantly on their TV via their Nintendo Wii, choosing from a library of over 12,000 choices” – which is no surprise since, uhm, that’s what Netflix does. But not via the Wii, for now.

However, since the Wii’s hardware, as I said, is not really one to be proud of (at least not in terms of HDD space), users who would fancy watching a movie via their console would have to purchase a “Netflix Instant Streaming Disc” and have it in the Wii whenever they want to access the service. Which kind of sucks, after all, but it appears to be the only valid option. However – would such a service work with the Wii and, even more, is it for real? We’ll probably find out in the next weeks.