mgoMetal Gear Online is a Playstation 3 exclusive stealth shooter and a spin-off of the Metal Gear franchise. The game was developed by Kojima Productions and published by Konami. It was released on June 12, 2008. Below you will find a full collection of unlockables for Metal Gear Online.


Bear: Have a large amount of CQC attacks given.
Bee: Use a lot of scans.
Chameleon: Prefer Team Sneaking rules.
Chicken: Rarely participate in battle.
Crocodile: Have a very good kill death ratio.
Doberman: A Top-Class Soldier.
Dove: Perform a lot of non-lethal attacks.
Eagle: Have a large percentage of headshots.
Fox: The Best Of The Best.
Foxhound: A Living Legend.
GAKO: Prefer Rescue rules.
Hound: A Superior Soldier.
Jaws: Large a amount of knife kills.
Kerotan: Prefer Capture rules.
Night Owl: Use the ENVG frequently.
Pigeon: Prefer non-lethal attacks.
Rat: Fall for a lot of traps.
Sloth: Get shot in the head frequently.
Flying Squirrel: Have a high percentage of rolling.
Snake: Complete a lot of sneaking missions.Tsuchinoko: Rarely play.
Turtle: Use the cardboard box frequently.
Water Bear: Have a high survival rate.