A short new series of Mafia Wars missions has been released today in Mafia Wars, the Special Delivery mission series, proving once again that even though Mafia Wars 2 has been announced, Zynga won’t start to ignore Mafia Wars (just yet). I am sure you are curious to find out more details about the Special Delivery Missions in Mafia Wars, so read on:

Before starting, it’s worth noting that this Special Delivery mission series is bugged right now and only 3 missions can be accessed!

Long Distance Friendship Mission
– Rob 27 times
– Get support from your 5 Mafia
– Travel to Chicago
Reward: 10 Clams, 3 Jitneys (75 Attack / 47 Defense) and Experience based on your level

The Enemy Of My Friend Mission
– Ice 7 opponents
– Declare a war 6 time
– Job: “Dispose Of The Bodies” 5 times
Reward: 3 Clams, 15 Loyalty Points and Experience based on your level

Payment Is Its Own Reward Mission
– Rob 20 times
– Job: “Break Into Guido Pantucci’s Warehouse” 5 times
– Acquire 10 Armors
– Get 6 Crew Members in City
Reward: 5 Clams, 5 Hired Guns and Experience based on your level

At the moment, Robbing is not available in Chicago, yet it’s a requirements, so this means that this mission is not one that you complete. When things get fixed, I will post an update for the rest of the Special Delivery Missions in Mafia Wars, until then we can only wait and see when we’ll be able to complete these goals.




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