Zynga has just announced that one of their oldest and longest running social games, Mafia Wars, will be getting a sequel “soon” – Mafia Wars 2. The announcement was made via a short teaser trailer that you can check out below, but don’t expect to find out too many details about the new title.

We do believe that Mafia Wars 2 will take a slightly different path from the original Mafia Wars game without being a completely new experience (it would have no point and would mean losing all the players who enjoy Mafia Wars as it is) – probably a more in-depth story system will be introduced to the game. This is suggested by the trailer itself which talks about betrayal and getting revenge. So expect to start out small and slowly build up your Mafia empire.

I personally am quite excited about this Mafia Wars 2 coming soon (no release date has been announced), so feel free to share your opinions on the matter! And don’t forget to check out the Mafia Wars 2 trailer below: