Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas Lets You Play GTA: San Andreas in Multiplayer

Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas Lets You Play GTA: San Andreas in Multiplayer

Do you still own Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and you’d like to spice it up a little bit by, let’s say, maybe playing the game in multiplayer with people all over the world? This is no longer an impossible dream, as some folks decided to mod the game and create Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas, a mod that allows you to play GTA San Andreas in multiplayer.

Actually, the mod is out for a while now and today was released the 1.1 version, which adds a bunch of goodies to multiplayer fanatics in the GTA universe:

Custom Handling: It is now possible to modify controls, steering and behaviour of your favourite cars and bikes through our elaborate handling scripting support.
Custom Fonts: At long last, you’re no longer stuck with the default fonts that ship with MTA. You can now import and create text for any .ttf through Lua.
Unicode support: After heavy demand, we are excited to bring Unicode support. Along with it comes natural support for Chinese, Russian, Indic, Arabic texts and many more. This applies to chat, and to GUI.
Cutscene player skins: Big Smoke? Ryder? Sweet? Wu Zi Mu? They all join the cast of player skins available along with other familiar faces.
New BASS sound library: Shoutcast radio – yes please! You can now stream music from the web as part of your server, and can apply special sound affects to a wider range of sound file formats.
Custom shaders: Enhance your visual experience with ENB-like scripts that are cooler than the other side of the pillow.
Voice Chat: Keep your hands on the wheel and off the chatbox with all new Voice chat support! Servers with voice enabled will allow you to communicate with other players using the Z key.
Increased player count: Push your RPG server to the max. The MTA server has an increased cap of 1024 players

Pretty cool, right? If you want to give Multi Theft Auto a try, head over to Mod DB and get it!