It seems that Zynga is having a creativity blast these days in Cafe World and we can only be happy of that, because it means that we have more things to do in the game (like Manny’s Travel Missions). Take the new Red Phone Booth as an example – a new item that has been launched in the game alongside three new missions and an interesting feature: give phone calls to your friends and give them some nice rewards!

But now, let’s find out everything about the Red Phone Booth missions in Cafe World, and let’s begin with the first mission, Phone a Friend 1:

– Place Red Phone Booth
– Serve 12 Biscuits of Tomorrow
– Call 3 Friends from your Phone Booth

Phone a Friend 2

– Call 6 Friends from your Phone Booth
– Spice 10 neighbors’ Stoves
– Serve 10 Napoleon’s Napoleon

Phone a Friend 3

– Call 10 Friends from your Phone Booth
– Spice 10 neighbors’ Stoves
– Serve 15 Basil Finger Sandwiches



  1. How do you get credit for the calls? I’ve gone to the booth and clicked “post message” and it says its “calling friend” but than when I go to the goal it doesn’t say I’ve called anyone.
    Does the person have to come back to CW to get credit? If so, the booth will be a nice decoration and that is it!

  2. Seriously… I have no links to call anyone, nothing to post or click on when I click on the phone booth. This game is getting too tedious. Too many items needed to accomplish when you only have three friends playing.


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