A new set of missions has been launched in Cafe World today alongside the celebration of 2 years (has it been that long?) since Zynga’s virtual restaurant game has been launched. The new mission series is called Manny’s Journey and I am sure you want to know everything about the 5 new goals that you have to complete in the game, so read on for all the details!

Manny’s Journey Mission 1

– Ask for 3 Old Filipino Recipe Cards
– Place the Roasting Pit
– Serve 20 Fish n Chips
Reward: 15 Travel Passes (these offer you the chance to enter a contest that offers in-game rewards, as well as real life rewards, like trips to exotic locations in the world)

Manny’s Journey Mission 2

– Ask for 6 Filipino Postcards
– Spice 6 Neighbors Dishes
– Serve 20 Gnocchi Gianna
Reward: 20 Travel Passes

Manny’s Journey Mission 3

– Ask for 10 New Filipino Recipe Cards
– Collect 4 Anniversary Collection items
– Serve 30 Broiled Rainbow Trout
Reward: 25 Travel Passes

Manny’s Journey Mission 4

– Ask for 8 Filipino Postcards
– Serve 12 Cafe Bombon
– Serve 30 Osso Bucco
Reward: 30 Travel Passes

Manny’s Journey Mission 5

– Ask for 12 Dirty Filipino Recipe Cards
– Serve 18 Acai Blueberry Juice
– Complete the Roasting Pit
Reward: this is a huge reward, for completing the series: 500 Travel Passes and the option to unlock one of the four new recipes, Beef Mechado, Filipino Paella, Lechon and Sisig.

Beef Mechado, Filipino Paella, Lechon and Sisig


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