Alongside Manny’s Journey Missions, a new item has been released in Cafe World for the 2 years celebration of Zynga’s title, the Roasting Pit. However, this new item has to be built first and if you need to know all the details about it, you should read on this guide and have fun!

After placing the Roasting Pit in Cafe World, you will have to collect the following materials in order to complete it:

– 8 Bags of Coal
– 10 Steel Plate
– 6 Roasting Sticks
– 6 Rosting Pit Stones

After completing the Roasting Pit (and you should finish it ASAP to complete the missions and get the Travel Tickets), you will get a double mastery bonus for every Filipino dish that you serve while the Roasting Pit is placed in your Cafe. Double mastery there is!