There are five new consumables that were introduced in Mafia Wars with the introduction of Italy and I am really sure that you’d like to know how many do you need in order to complete the missions requiring them and also where to find them. Fortunately, after a lot of digging and playing, I’ve come up with a list of the Mafia Wars Italy consumables (at least the ones released so far) and I’m sharing it with you.

Mafia Wars Italy Consumables List:

Severed Pinky: 91 total items required. Where to get: Intercept a Handoff in the Coliseum or Assassinate a Corrupt City Official
Rail Ticket: 65 total items required. Where to get: Track Down Don Adriano.
Smart Phone: 470 total items required (if you want to complete all paths, if not – you’ll need less). Where to get: Free a Professional Assassin.
Cooked Book: 89 total items required. Where to get: Interrogate a Lackey and Black-mail a Track Official
Hidden Charges: 203 total items required (again, if you want to complete both paths). Where to get: Snag a Lucrative Disposal Contract.

Tips for collecting as many Italy consumables as possible: although difficult to put in practice, it would be best to keep collecting as many of these items as possible on the bronze level of the indicated missions in order to keep energy or stamina spending to a minimum. Stack as many as possible since the upcoming Italy regions might require extra consumables as well! And, of course, good luck gathering these consumables!

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