A new collection has been released in FarmVille now to celebrate the fall: the Autumn Collection, one that can also be completed by receiving the collectibles as gifts from your neighbors. Since each neighbor can send you just a limited number of collectible, I am sure you’d like to know the gift links for the Autumn Collection, so you can complete it as fast as possible.

Fortunately, that is possible and we have the FarmVille Autumn Collection Gift Links to share with you. Click the links below to send the indicated collectible. If you want the items yourself, don’t forget to actually share the links (or, better, this article) with your neighbors:

Acorn gift link
Maple Leaf gift link
Pumpkin gift link
Cornucopia gift link
Feather gift link
Moon Token gift link

Enjoy completing the Autumn Collection in FarmVille as fast as possible!