It’s not only Halloween Sweets you need this Halloween in Cafe World – you also have to make your Cafe a spooky place to be! Therefore, you must complete the Trick or Treaters series of missions that turn your cafe into a delight for Halloween spirited customers.

In other words, in order to complete the Trick or Treaters 1 mission in Cafe World, you need to do the following:

– Acquire Jack-o-Lantern
– Purchase a Ghostly Fireplace
– Clean 5 stoves

I have already written a guide on getting the Jack-o-Lantern in Cafe World and it also has gift links there to make it even easier for you to complete! The Ghostly Fireplace can be acquired from the market and I’m sure that cleaning 5 stoves is not a problem for a master chef like yourself.

Good luck completing the Trick or Treaters 1 Cafe World mission!