The first region that is unlocked in Mafia Wars Italy, the new country available in the game, is Roma. In this article I will share with you all the details you need to know in order to get the most out of Italy’s first region, Roma (first set of missions!).

Just like most of the first regions, Roma can be completed really quick at least on bronze levels: maximum energy to spend for missions is 18 and you also have two paths you can choose to follow: energy or stamina paths. Also, the drops of Lira (the currency in Italy) are pretty nice and you won’t have any problems in purchasing the items required to complete the jobs. Additionally, if you somehow get attacked before placing some money in the bank and you lose, you can ask for satchels of Lira as free gifts from your Mafia Crew.

Personally, I would suggest going for the energy missions and keep it at bronze levels until you get a ton of Severed Pinkys – consumables required for completing at least one mission. If you keep doing the job at low levels of energy and stock up as many Pinkys as possible, you will find it easier to complete the more difficult missions along the way. You can get Severed Pinkys by completing the Handoff in the Coliseum mission (energy) or Assassinate a Corrupt City Official (stamina).

Doing jobs also drops materials needed to upgrade the buildings in your village: Marble, Hardwood, Volcanic Bricks, Tiles, Columns).

There is also a boss fight at the end of the Roma region in Mafia Wars Italy, and the boss is Don Antionio Di Rossi and defeating him should be no problem for players level 60 and above.