A new secret mission has made its debut in Mafia Wars, the Take Out a Rival Operation mission that is really hard to complete! You will find all the details about his brand new mission here so good luck completing it!

The Take Out a Rival Operation secret mission is connected to the recently released Italy region in Mafia Wars and it is considered a Hard mission: it needs 7 extra members to be able to complete it, and there are both requirements for stamina and energy members, as well as one spot that requires both of them! Now that’s what I call difficult.

You can complete the Take Out a Rival Operation mission in three days and the list of rewards is quite impressive. Check out below a list of rewards you can get for the Take Out a Rival Operation mission:


– Death Dealer Minigun: 48 Attack, 64 Defense
– Z4 Night Prowler: 57 Attack, 35 Defense
– Armed Doorman: 51 Attack, 24 Defense
– Reef Shark: 55 Attack, 24 Defense


– Fatima: Collection Item
– Mountain Lion: Collection Item
– Four of a Kind: Collection Item
– Turkey Vulture: 62 Attack, 50 Defense


– Alpine: 35 Attack, 57 Defense
– Sumatra Tiger: 60 Attack, 30 Defense

Some really nice items rewarded for completing an otherwise difficult job!

[Source: Mafia Wars Maniac]