A new cross promotion has been started by Zynga in Mafia Wars and FrontierVille, and this time it will appear while playing FrontierVille, so it’s the mafia game that Zynga is promotion with its games nowadays. There’s not as much as FrontierVille fans would like (aka a new quest), but at least there’s a special decoration in play and I’m sure that it will lure in to Mafia Wars at least a few players.

While playing FrontierVille, you will get a pop-up message asking you if you’re interested in the cross promotion – you can simply click the “No, thanks” button and you’ll never get the message again. However, if you click accept, you’ll be taken to Mafia Wars where you’ll have to complete the first mission in Region 2 in Italy.

It will be a bit more difficult for players who are not playing Mafia Wars regularly (and most likely they’re the target of this campaign), but for the others I’m sure it will be a real breeze to complete this requirement. Upon completion, a new pop-up will appear (this time in Mafia Wars) letting you know that you’ve won a special item – the Italian Bust – in FrontierVille and you’ll be taken there to place it on your homestead.

And voila! The job is done and you have a cool new prize to brag with to your friends!