You probably know that there’s a hot new Halloween Loot Event live in Mafia Wars and I am sure that you’re really curious to find out what are the loot items for this brand new limited time Halloween event. Even though at the moment I don’t have the complete list of items, I’m going to share with you details about the incredible loot released thus far:

– Ghost Costume (32 Attack, 56 Defense)
– Devil Costume (55 Attack, 27 Defense)
– Skeleton Costume
– Ghost Costume
– Vampire Costume
– ?
– ?

If you manage to get at least one of all costumes in this Halloween Loot Event, you will receive one special loot item, the Grand Prize: Vampire Bat (67 Attack, 34 Defense). Pretty cool, right?

If you have information about the missing data, please comment below to help us and the other Mafia Wars players!



  1. vampire costume att 58 def 28
    witch costume att 60 def 29
    zombie costume att 27 def 59
    pantomime horse att 57 def 31
    skeleton costume att 29 def 31
    devil costume att 55 def 27

    still looking for the last one
    ghost costume att 32 deg 56


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