You probably know that there’s a hot new Halloween Loot Event live in Mafia Wars and I am sure that you’re really curious to find out what are the loot items for this brand new limited time Halloween event. Even though at the moment I don’t have the complete list of items, I’m going to share with you details about the incredible loot released thus far:

– Ghost Costume (32 Attack, 56 Defense)
– Devil Costume (55 Attack, 27 Defense)
– Skeleton Costume
– Ghost Costume
– Vampire Costume
– ?
– ?

If you manage to get at least one of all costumes in this Halloween Loot Event, you will receive one special loot item, the Grand Prize: Vampire Bat (67 Attack, 34 Defense). Pretty cool, right?

If you have information about the missing data, please comment below to help us and the other Mafia Wars players!