There’s a new secret mission in Mafia Wars, with a Halloween theme: Crash The Mayor’s Halloween Party and it’s a pretty difficult one to complete, but with really hot rewards in play, so it’s definitely a must finish mission! Read on to find out everything about the Crash The Mayor’s Halloween Party secret mission n Mafia Wars!

In order to complete the mission, you will need the help of four friends and there’s a time limit of 3 days to complete it. The loot as I said, is really impressive and I’m sure it will convince you to give this mission a go!

Here are the loot items you can get while doing this super hot secret mission, Crash The Mayor’s Halloween Party:

Rare Items:
– Exploding Pumpkin (72 A, 33 D)
– Supercharged Hearse (28 A, 61 D)
– Death’s Door (57 A, 27 D)

Uncommon Loot:
– Urban Night Fighter (55 A, 39 D)
– Flame Broiler (56 A, 33 D)
– Trio Soprano (53 A, 26 D)
– Set of Twin AK 47-s (52 A, 26 D)
– Death Dealer Minigun (48 A, 64 D)

Rare Loot:
– Ninja (47 A, 35 D)
– Wagner KP 8 (51A, 26 D)
– Chariot (48 A, 12 D)
– Armed Doorman (51 A, 24 D)
– Lonely Heart (48 A, 20 D)