We all love to build things in Cafe World just as much as Zynga seems to love to release them and the latest on the table for Cafe World is the Collections Cabinet, a new item that we can build in order to unlock a new feature of the game, the Cafe World Collections!

First of all, before unlocking any new content, you will need to build the Collections Cabinet, using the following parts (which can be obtained either by asking your neighbors for them or purchasing them for Cafe Cash):

– 10 Drawers
– 10 Handles
– 10 Mounting Bolts
– 10 Paint

After building the Collections Cabinet, you will be able to find Cafe World Utensils by doing various actions (like cooking, visiting neighbors etc), which are basically the collectibles needed to complete the Cafe World Collections. Here is a list of Collections you can complete in Cafe World and the rewards for them:

Kitchen Navigation
Collect can opener, cutting board, salad bowl, wine opener, wooden spoon (collect items by cooking dishes)
Reward: 250 CP and 250 coins

Stainless Steel Pots and Pans
Collect ST frying pan, ST omlette pan, ST sauce pan, ST saute pan, ST skillet
Reward: 3 six hour thymes and 500 coins

Simple Dinnerware
Collect bread and butter plate, salad plate, dinner plate, serving dish, soup bowl
Reward: Unlock Royal Feast mission and 500 coins

Simple Pots and Pans
Collect frying pan, omlette pan, sauce pan, saute pan, skillet
Reward: 250 CP and 250 coins

Cutting for Beginners
Collect utility knife, chef’s knife, paring knife, carving knife, bread knife
Reward: +5 energy and 500 coins

It appears that the rewards get better for each collection you trade in, but we have no confirmation yet. Still, I’m sure you’d test and see for yourself. And when you do, let us know too!