We have received a few emails from people who were telling us that Football Manager 2011, the highly anticipated football management simulation, has been leaked on torrents already, even though there shouldn’t be any complete version out in the wild (even publications received nothing but preview copies and not the full version).

However, according to our e-mails, the torrent trackers are now filled with Football Manager 2011 torrents and lots of fans of the game are downloading the game in order to play. I would like once again to warn those players about two things:

1) It might be possible that the FM 2011 torrent that has been leaked is nothing but a scam, a way to place some viruses or malware on your computer.
2) Piracy means loss of sales for game developers and in turn it will result (eventually) in poor quality games or no games at all, because nobody likes to work for free!

So instead of trying to download the Football Manager 2011 torrent, better wait just a few more days until November 5th when the game is officially released and play it starting then – the safe, complete version!

UPDATE: We have received some mail informing us that the leaked FM 2011 version is unplayable, since it has limited options and the only language available in the game is Russian. So, as I said, better wait for the complete version and buy it to support the developers!