Zynga is running a hot new contest in FarmVille, the Avatar contest which can bring you prizes of 150 Farm Cash or 100,000 regular coins. And it’s quite simple to take part and give it a shot – you can see the contest below the FarmVille game window and the official rules are as listed below:


– The FarmVille team will be select 20 random screenshots on the 31st of October.
– No photoshopped (or edited) images are allowed. And yes, we can tell.
– Posting will end at 11:59 PM PDT on October 31st.
– We will announce the 20 winners on Tuesday, November 2nd.


– No inappropriate content is allowed in the screenshots. (The forum rules still apply)
– Your screenshot must show your character in costume!
– The picture must be original. No going and getting an image off of the internet or from another Farmer!
– Your entry must be an image taken on your Farm. No posting images of your friends or neighbors farms.
– If you are selected as one of our winners, you must provide us with your Facebook User ID. These user ID’s can be sent to Lexilicious via Forum PM. (Please do not send your User ID number to me unless you are selected as a winner!)
– Do NOT post your Facebook User ID on the forums.
– No spamming of the thread is allowed. This includes any content that is not relevant to the Decorating Contest.
– Choose wisely! This means that creating an additional forum account to post multiple entries is NOT allowed.


The 20 winners of the contest will receive

– 150 Farm Cash
– 100,000 Coins