Starting today, we can send seeds as Gifts in FarmVille and in this article I’m sharing with you all the details you need to know about seeds gifting in the game, as well as all the details we have on the seeds you can receive as gifts!

The first set of Giftable Seeds is the Black Rose Seeds, which is a limited edition type of FarmVille crop, available only until November 17th. Therefore, if you want to master this great crop, you will need a lot of gifts from your neighbors!

Each seed package gives you X number of seeds to plant as crops, so a Black Rose seed package comes with 20 seeds. When you receive or buy a seed package, the number of total seeds shows up on a counter in the entry for that crop in the Market (and they don’t show individually in the Gift Box). For instance, if you received four Black Rose seed packages from neighbors and bought an additional seed package with Farm Cash, the Market counter for the Black Rose will show 100:

As you can see the entry for the Black Rose is a little different than other crops. Instead of a “Buy” button you have options to “Use” or “Get”. “Use” will immediately put you into seeding mode, which works for seeding for individual plots or using a vehicle like the seeder or super combine. (The “Use” button won’t show up if you don’t have any to use.) You can plant as many crops as you have seeds—if you’re using a vehicle that seeds multiple plots at the same time it’ll use up whatever seeds you have left and stop seeding (in other words, it won’t automatically buy another seed package to make up the difference).

The “Get” button will take you to the purchase window, where you can choose to buy any number of seed packages for the price of 2 FV cash per 20 seeds.

Crop Mastery Requirements for Black Roses:

Level 1 : 100
Level 2: 200
Level 3: 300

From early reports, it appears that Black Roses take 4 or 5 hours to grow.

What do you think about the giftable seeds in FarmVille? Love them or hate them?